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Albert Landeros: Watercolorist (1922 - 1999)

A contemporary realist with a hint of impressionism, Albert Landeros uses transparent watercolor as his medium. With no philosophical or political message, he felt he needed to try to educe an emotional response in the viewer and possibly add a little beauty to a harsh subject.

There is a dignity and ruggedness in the lives of the "indigenas" of Mexico, and Albert used his talent as a portrait artist to reveal these attributes. His subjects are taken from the remote Indian villages that include such groups as the Lacandon, Chamulas, Zinacantecos, the Mayas of Yucatan, Tarascan, Mixtecos and of course, the Tarahumaras of the Copper Canyon. The Tarahumaras are the progenitors of the artist and the subjects that occuppied the major part of his work.

A member of Watercolor West, Albert has exhibited in galleries in Scottsdale Arizona, Fort Lauderdale Florida and Vancouver Washington and has won numerous awards and honors.

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